European Elegance Returning to Home Décor

• September 19, 2013

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After a few years of the minimalist contemporary style trends the appreciation for elegance and warmth is coming back to homes. This has been pushed by the upscale hotels and bed & breakfast accommodations found by guests to be far more appealing than the straight lines and colder look of modern contemporary rooms. It may be wondered if the actual push to the modern design was actually an aesthetic choice or one pushed by an industry that found the manufacture of straight square lines in metal, glass, and ceramic to be easier and less labor intensive than curved lines of woods favored in the European Styles.

The difference in aesthetics is clear. The beauty of the furnishings produced by And So To Bed London become heirlooms and keepsakes passed down to generations while the chrome and glass of the 90’s became the fodder of yard sales and donations to charities. The fast and convenient of minimalist design for rooms made for relaxation and comfort like the bedroom and family rooms is once again be replaced by the warmth, elegance, and comfort in design that has never really gone out of style despite the passage of years.

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With soft curves, wood and fabric galore, and inviting look that urges you to relax the French bedroom style turns a place of solace into a warm welcome retreat from the rigors of work and stress of the day. This cannot be accomplished by use of bedroom furnishings that look better suited to a cubicle in a high-rise building. Adding drapes for texture and character to allow the choice of light level without sacrificing all aesthetic appeal like the mini blind makes it as functional as the modern style without sacrificing taste.

The modern look was the definition of compromise. Compromise individuality, comfort, and style for expedience and efficiency in both manufacture and ease of placement in the room. By calling the lack of comforts and amenities “minimalist” and a design style it allowed for easy selection of cubes of varying sizes to be pushed against the wall of a square room and declared tasteful. This equates to calling the standard dorm room the height of interior design. Minimalist is defined as “Minimalism, in the context of design, refers to simple, unadorned designs that embody only the most basic and fundamental needs” which begs the question, when furnishing your home why would the goal be to meet only the most basic and fundamental needs?

There are centuries of history to support the fact that elegance and splendor do not compromise sophistication of taste style. Royalty, nobles, and upper echelons of centuries did not appear unsophisticated and the resurgence in this styling is really nothing more than the refusal to accept compromise.

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