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• October 18, 2013

The three white, variously formed domed structures at the foot of Monte Tamaro in Rivera, Switzerland (Tessin) are an awe-inspiring sight. However, the architectural design of the Splash & Spa Tamaro waterpark, which was officially opened on 15 June 2013, is not the only impressive aspect. The interiors of the three themed domes also offer diverse attractions: over an area of 2,500 m2, the largest dome houses a wave pool with a children’s area as well as a pool bar and restaurant. In the second dome, a number of water slides provide fun for children and adults alike. Visitors to the third dome can relax and pamper themselves in a wide range of saunas, steam baths and hammams.

The structure supporting the three domes features steel lattice girders (arranged radially) which run hidden between two membranes.

The inner membrane of silicon-covered glass fibre and the outer membrane of PTFE-covered glass fibre were fastened air-tight onto the steel structure. A higher air pressure in the interspace causes the outer membrane to form outwards into a flat curve, taking up the dome’s curvature. An aluminium vapour-coated low-e sheet is strung between the two membrane layers in order to reduce thermal radiation loss. During the day, the membranes create a bright and cheerful atmosphere in the inner space. In the evening, the artificial lighting in the membrane interspace impressively sets off the dome structures both inside and outside.

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formTL was responsible for the overall planning of the membrane envelope.

Membrane surface area:
Outer membrane (all three domes) 6,700 m²
Inner membrane (all three domes) 4,700 m²

Dome area AQ (swimming pools) around 2,500 m2
Dome area WE (wellness) around 550 m2
Dome area SA (slides) around 990 m2

Outer membrane of PTFE-covered glass fibre:
St.Gobain Sheerfill II
Inner membrane of silicon-covered glass fibre:
Interglas Atex 3000

Object: Splash & Spa, Tamaro/CH
Client: Credit Suisse, Zurich/CH
Architect; Suisse Projects, Mezzovico/CH
Main contractor: Garzoni S.A., Lugano/CH
Planning of steel support: Airlight Ltd., Biasca/CH
Membrane manufacturer: Canobbio Spa, Castelnuovo Scrivia/I
Membrane planning: formTL, www.form-TL.de
Photos and drawing: formTL

+ All images courtesy formTL

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