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• November 13, 2013

The main activity of Certest Biotec involves research, development and manufacturing of diagnostic tests. Due to its rapid growth, the company decided to move its premises from the business incubator at the European Business and Innovation Centre (BIC) in Aragon to a free 8,000 m2 plot with a dominant position in the San Mateo de Gállego estate.

ACXT Certest 002 600x400 New Certest Biotec Laboratories \ ACXT Arquitectos

courtesy Iñaki Bergera

The planned building is part of the first phase of the complex, which already has an initial 2,500 built-up m2. The proposed scheme includes 8 laboratories, production and administration areas, a main warehouse and common areas. The proposal is based on a parallel buildings growth pattern. These 7.20 x 5.40 m blocks generate great open courtyards between them, which are overlooked by the laboratories. The set is configured by three 1,000 m2 building wings that rest upon the main warehouse. The latter’s volume was strategically conceived to run along the lorry access service road.

ACXT Certest 004 600x900 New Certest Biotec Laboratories \ ACXT Arquitectos

courtesy Iñaki Bergera

The laboratories are located in the arms of the building so that their orientation is always north. This avoids direct solar radiation without having to turn to protection systems. Plus, it also offers a very well illuminated working area and significant energy saving during the summer. On the other hand, the south façade houses the circulation areas that grant access to the labs. Between them, the lab-annexed service areas are located. These store the laboratory special equipment.

ACXT Certest 001 600x400 New Certest Biotec Laboratories \ ACXT Arquitectos

courtesy Iñaki Bergera

The proposal is based on two basic ideas: on the outside, the optimization of the growth model and on the inside, the building is designed around the laboratory. These two criteria organize the whole project, along with the sun potential: landscape, orientations, natural slopes and entrances. Formally, the volumes are convincing, to offer a clear reading as a result of applying a program which has functionality as its primary criterion for an optimum development of Certest’s activity.

ACXT Certest 005 600x400 New Certest Biotec Laboratories \ ACXT Arquitectos

courtesy Iñaki Bergera

The façade cladding is monochrome: it covers all sides linking the planes between themselves. Its appearance is neutral, alternating smooth sheets with perforated ones that subtly hide the façade openings during the day. One can sense their existence and feel observed by their occupants, as if they wanted to preserve the intimacy of what goes on inside. However, at night, with the light from the inside, the building comes to life. The appearance it offers is totally different for it outlines the layout of façade openings through the perforated sheet. This game of veils and concealment with a single inexpensive material, apart from pursuing a smooth blending with the surroundings, aims to fulfil another basic objective: to plan a low-cost building with as many architectonic features as possible. This has been, without a doubt, the most complex exercise.

ACXT Certest 012 600x900 New Certest Biotec Laboratories \ ACXT Arquitectos

courtesy Iñaki Bergera

+ Project facts

New Certest Biotec Laboratories
San Mateo de Gállego, Zaragoza (Spain)

Project architect: Raimundo Bambó Naya, Federico Pardos Auber
Other architects: Miguel Freitas de Oliveira Araujo
Project management: Raimundo Bambó Naya, Federico Pardos Auber
Cost: Nerea Martínez Puyuelo, Jesús Gil Finestra, Luis Mingarro Montori

Structures:    Isabel Esteras Emperador
Environmental Engineering:    Jorgue Guillén Ferrer
Lighting:    Alfredo Navarro Yubero
Public Health Services:    Jorge Guillén Ferrer
Electrical Engineering:    Alfredo Navarro Yubero
Telecommunications:    Rocío Pamplona Rodríguez
Fire Strategy:    José Domingo Arcusa
Acoustics:    Federico Pardos Auber
Sustainability:    Jorge Guillén Ferrer
CAD:    Sergio Cubero Belenguer
Site Supervision:    Raimundo Bambó Naya, Federico Pardos Auber
Project Execution Management:    Jesús Gil Finestra, Luis MIngarro Montori
Construction Management:    Raimundo Bambó Naya, Jesús Gil Finestra
Photographer:    Iñaki Bergera
Builder: MEGARIA
Area: 2,545 m2

+ All images and drawings courtesy ACXT Arquitectos

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