The Squid cabinet \ Moloform

• November 10, 2013

Moloform has created the Squid cabinet.

Geometric, but at the same time with asymmetric legs and drawers. Rhythm and contrast, with classic legs but with a modern central body. A contradictory Squid with yellow or magenta acid ink. When needed it can leave the acid colours behind, and camouflage in any space with a uniform white.

Moloform squid cabinet bold ambient 600x482 The Squid cabinet \ Moloform

courtesy Moloform

Moloform squid cabinet regular ambient 600x488 The Squid cabinet \ Moloform

courtesy Moloform

Moloform squid cabinet family colour 600x400 The Squid cabinet \ Moloform

courtesy Moloform

Common characteristics
Structure: white/acid matte lacquered MDF
Legs: 9 white/acid matte lacquered solid wood legs
4 drawers, 2 big drawers and a door
Protected with a clear coat layer

Squid Regular white/acid
Length: 100 cm
Width: 40 cm
Height: 100 cm
Total weight: 38 kg

Squid Bold white/acid
Length: 100 cm
Width: 40 cm
Height: 120 cm
Total weight: 53 kg

+ About Moloform

Moloform is a multidisciplinary team: we design and edit products in a collaborative way, we are designers and artisans. Our products are born and raised in Barcelona. We are like a mother taking care of her sons, we produce short and controlled series, so that quality is always maintained and guaranteed. Our functioning is as simple as our products, we are not big, and we do not pretend to be, we only do what we believe in.

Moloform commercializes its products through its online shop. On the same way that we fuss over our products, we want to establish a direct and fluent channel of communication with our customers.

Moloform offers the possibility to customize the size or colour of the products. These modifications will always be done with the consent of Moloform and under its supervision.

+ All images courtesy Moloform

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