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The idea behind this project was to convey the feel of a traditional, old fashioned eatery using contemporary design. The central focus of the space is a large cupboard placed opposite the entrance. Made of white lacquered and natural matte medium density wood, this object is both a functional element (it accommodates a wardrobe, shelves, seating and counter space) and the only decorative piece in the room. It was designed around the idea of open and closed drawers and as such contextualizes the rest of the space including the large crossbeam that extends right up to the exterior.

POINT CONTESTO 04 640x400 Contesto Alimentare \ POINT

courtesy Enrico Muraro

The purposefully oversize and plump sofa adds that cosy and welcoming touch for the guests. The corporate identity project related to this design points out the evolution of the classic italian “trattoria”. In a minimalist style the brand recalls the gates of the old taverns while the lettering resumes in a modern style typical signes of the last century. Brown is the main color of this graphic project having been used also for the architectural design details (wood, sofas, walls).

POINT CONTESTO 02 640x400 Contesto Alimentare \ POINT

courtesy Enrico Muraro

+ Project credits

DESIGNER/ARCHITECT/ARTIST: Marco Verrando (architect)
Francesca Rossotti (architect)
CITY/COUNTRY: Turin, Italy

+ All images courtesy POINT

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