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B Light, in partnership with the Italian lighting designer Stefano Dall’Osso, realized the Japanese restaurant Sushita in Ancona, Italy. The lighting project sets the goal of creating a calm atmosphere – typical of the East’s tradition – allowing clients to have lunch completely immersed into the simple beauty of the Japanese culture and its kitchen. The lighting design of the whole location was realized using LED tools provided by B Light and verified through a dimmer control unit able to modify the lighting intensity.

SUSH 10 640x426 B Light \ Stefano Dall’Osso

courtesy Stefano Dall’Osso

The restaurant’s centrepiece is the kaiten, a conveyor belt transporting prepared dishes, lit by 30 dimmable “Atlas – R” luminaires with recessed optics of 6W. The LED tools are recessed inside an installation made of rows of wooden sceptres that rain down from the ceiling outlining the sinuous way of the courses and creating striking light and shadow games.

Tables are provided with 18 recessed luminaires “Atlas”. Along the restaurant walls, LED linear luminaires, also featuring high CRI, have been installed in order to compliment the colour scheme, as to go back to the traditional Japanese symbols.

SUSH 07 640x973 B Light \ Stefano Dall’Osso

courtesy Stefano Dall’Osso

Inside the various areas, the theme of the “pendants rain” is regained by the lighting ceiling tools with the use of wooden pendants dispersing the light and creating a particularly pleasant and striking atmosphere.

All the installed lighting tools have a very high CRI with a temperature colour of 3000K, a degree that is particularly suitable for the warm and comfortable atmosphere of this restaurant strong of character.

SUSH 02 640x434 B Light \ Stefano Dall’Osso

courtesy Stefano Dall’Osso

The lighting project don’t forget the economic aspect: in fact, to realize Sushita, with an eye on the energy-saving, only last generation LED tools were used, controlled by a domotic system able to create different lighting environments.


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