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[+MOOD] is a place to connect with likeminded people, share new trends and get inspired. Our readers range from architects, designers, engineers, landscape architects, lighting designers, academics, developers, contractors to other interested parties in the built urban environment. Serving the international, on-the-move and trend-setting community.

Here’s some existing banner placement options we proposed, the ads will be shown in only home page or all page (you decide). If you have creative suggestions that you think will fit, please let us know.

  • Header Banner (728px × 90px): Long banner @ header / footer
  • Homepage Banner (468px × 60px): Premium banner @ homepage
  • Sidebar Banners (300px × 250px): Square banner @ sidebar
  • Sidebar Banners (125px × 125px): Square banner @ sidebar
  • Sidebar Banners (120px × 600px): Skyscraper banner @ sidebar
  • Article Banner (300px × 250px): Top / Bottom banner @ all the articles
  • Category/Tag Banner (300px × 250px): Top banner @ category / tag pages
  • Sponsored Article: Latest product / design review
  • Text Link Ad: Simple text link advertisement @ sidebar / homepage / embed in article

If you are interested in placing an ad on [+MOOD] site, please feel free to contact us using the provided Contact Form or email to our editor team at we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

According to our Google Analytics, visitors of [+MOOD] come from all over the world of 180 countries/territories. Here are our top 10 countries and continent statistic.

Visitors by country Visitors by continent
1. United States 26% 6. Australia 3.5% America 38%
2. United Kingdom 4.2% 7. Brazil 3.2% Europe 31%
3. Italy 4.1% 8. Thailand 2.8% Asia 24%
4. India 3.7% 9. China 2.1% Oceania 4%
5. Canada 3.8% 10. Mexico 2.0% Africa & Other 3%

(Source: Google Analytics Nov 2013)