• Nursery School & Municipal Workshops \ Jean-Francois Schmit

    Nursery School & Municipal Workshops \ Jean-Francois Schmit

    The Michelet development was built in the 1960s on the site of a former gasworks. The urban form of this major development, totaling more than one thousand eight hundred social dwellings, is typical of its period and is similar in some respects to the large housing complexes produced by post-war reconstruction policies. Seventeen tower blocks […]

  • Blagnac 35 housings units \ Nicolas Laisné Architecte Urbaniste

    Blagnac 35 housings units \ Nicolas Laisné Architecte Urbaniste

    Designed by Nicolas Laisné Architecte Urbaniste, this building was put up at the edge of the town of Blagnac on a road which has been transformed since the tramway was built. The balconies present on all the facades shift along from one floor to the next, so that everyone can enjoy the sky on every […]

  • Balma Gramont – Toulouse \  Nicolas Laisné Architecte Urbaniste

    Balma Gramont – Toulouse \ Nicolas Laisné Architecte Urbaniste

    French architect Nicolas Laisné has completed in the housing project Balma Gramont. This block is located in the Zac de Balma Grama, an urban development area a few kilometres from the centre of Toulouse. Arranged lengthwise, it includes two large buildings at its extremities and two low buildings and two individual houses at the centre […]

  • ZAC Port Marianne Montpellier \ ecdm
    ZAC Port Marianne Montpellier \ ecdm -

    ecdm architects recently has completed the dwelling project in Montpellier, France.   + Project facts Program: 40 units housing project Client : Nexity Architect : ECDM Photographer : Benoit Fougeirol Location: ZAC Port Marianne Les Jardins de la Lironde lot J2A, Montpellier (34) Area: 2997 m2 Completed: 2013 + All images and drawings courtesy ECDM, […]

  • 20 Social Housing and 3 Commercial Spaces in Paris \ h2o architectes

    20 Social Housing and 3 Commercial Spaces in Paris \ h2o architectes

    h2o architectes recently has completed the 20 social housing and 3 commercial spaces in Paris, France. + Description from h2o architectes The project of the rue Godefroy Cavaignac in Paris consisted in the rehabilitation of a building which did not meet hygiene and security standards into new social housing. The agency’s aim was to renew […]

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