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Designing a bathroom

The reasons for designing or redesigning your bathroom may be varied. You may have just moved into a new house, or built your own from scratch, and have a blank canvass to work with, or you may be selling your house and want to maximise its resale value or are just simply in need of a change on the continuing carousel of redecoration. Whichever of these is true, your primary need is to make the best of this opportunity to create a space that will be enjoyed by the occupants and make any future redecorating decisions hard to sanction.

Be realistic

We would all love to decorate our bathrooms with Italian marble tiles and bespoke designer fittings, but every design has a budget. Unless you are the protagonist in a new Channel 4 reality TV design show you will probably have a strict budget to which you must stick. This means making the most of your budget by shopping cleverly and being realistic. Luxury fittings do cost less during sales, and this is the ideal time to seek them out. If you see an item that is several hundred pounds more than you wanted to spend for that item, make sure that you can afford it before splashing out.

If you are redecorating in order to sell your house, this fiscal prudence is paramount. There is no point in spending several thousands of pounds on a new bathroom if it will only increase the value of your house by a few hundred. Always keep the end result in mind and treat it like a professional job.

Stay professional

There are certain aspects of bathroom fittings that lie solely in the hands of the professionals. The saying amongst qualified tradesmen is that electricity is the “silent killer”, and undertaking any electrical installation in the bathroom, as in any other room in the house, must be through the employment of a qualified professional. The same is true of plumbing, and while tiling and plastering do not require any qualifications you must ensure that you will finish with the best possible aesthetic, whether your redesign is for you or for your would-be buyers.

Maximise your space

Bathrooms are most commonly the smallest room in the house, so making the most out of all available space is a must. If you are designing the bathroom for your own use, the chances are you will have a good idea of your storage needs. However, the tastes of prospective buyers are difficult to gauge. Double sinks with built-in cupboards are modern, effective storage solutions that can look attractive to those unfamiliar with the house. A “minimalist feel” may be attractive upon first sight but second viewings will always engender a truer sense of what is practical. Similarly, avoiding outdated wall-mounted designs that regress your property rather than modernise it is a sure-fire way to impress visitors. Adding simple touches like large mirrors and light-coloured tiles, paintwork and accessories can help make a small room seem larger – useful whether it will be your home or belonging to someone else.

Even if you are not planning to sell your house now, designing one that will be saleable in future will ensure that you enjoy a top class finish until it is time to turn to pastures new.